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Adams Parachute tying instructions

Tying thread: 6/0 or 8/0 black
Hook: Dry fly hook #14-20
Body: Dubbing ultrafine Adams grey
Tail: Cock feather brown or grizzly
Sichthilfe: Aero Dry Wing or Antron – fluo pink, fluo white or fluo orange
Hackle: Cock feather brown or grizzly
1. Clamp the hook and lay the basic winding. Pluck several fibres from a larger feather and tie them in as a tail. 2. Depending on the size of the fly, cut off one to two strands of Antron or Aero Dry Wing and brush with a wire brush. Place the visual aid around the hook. 3. Tie in the visual aid with several eight-windings, then wrap up the thread approx. 2mm at the visual aid to create a base for the hackle.
4. Select a suitable feather for the hackle collar and pluck away the down and the first fibres. Expose approx. 5mm of the quill. 5. Tie up the quill starting at the hook eye and then at the base. Wind the tying thread backwards with several windings. 6. Apply some dubbing wax to the tying thread and spin on a bit of ultrafine dubbing. Keep in mind: Less is more in this case.
7. Wind the thread with the dubbing round the hook. Lay two to three eight windings at the base. The dubbing should form a conical slender body up to the hook eye. 8. With 5-7 turns of the feather round the base form a hackle collar. Each new turn is placed under the last one. Then tie off the feather at the base. 9. Cut off the rest of the feather. Bring the tying thread to the hook eye, form a small head and complete with a head knot.
10. Secure the head knot with a bit of varnish. Finally, cut the visual aid to the desired length.
Copyright by Alexander Busch.
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