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Bivisible tying instructions

Tying thread: 8/0 black
Hook: Dry fly hook, fine wire, #10 – 20
Underbody: Tying thread
Tail: Black hackle fibres
Body hackle 1: Cock - Saddle - Black
Body hackle 2: Cock - Saddle - White
1. Starting at the hook eye, lay a clean basic winding down to the hook bend. Tie in the black hackle fibres as tail. Tie down over the entire length of the hook to obtain an evenly shaped body. 2. Tie in the black saddle hackle. Place the binding thread as a positioning where the hackle will be tied off. There should be room left for about 7 turns of the white hackle. 3. Wrap the black hackle tightly up to the tying thread, secure, cut off and tie off tightly.
4. Tie in the white saddle hackle and wrap it close to the eye. Secure the hackle, cut off and tie off. Form a clean head and finish it with a Whip Finisher. Varnish the head and ready is one of the classic dry flies. Have fun tying and fishing, Michael.
Copyright by Michael Salzer
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