The international jury consisting of Theo Atanassov, Erwin Tiebad and Igor Stancev has carefully checked all flies. The results of the jury of the EFFA OPEN International Fly Tying Competition 2017 are as follows:

Dry Fly
  1. Hayes Donald (IRL)
  2. Walter Bayer (IRL)
  3. Christian Kölle (D)
  1. Klaus Peter Hoffmann (D)
  2. Hayes Donald (IRL)
  3. Maurizio Tannoni (ARG)
  1. Daniela Misteli (CH)
  2. Hayes Donald (IRL)
  3. Maurizo Tannoni (ARG)
  1. Maurizio Tannoni (ARG)
  2. Ingo Strasser (D)
  3. Markus Kunter (D)