Tying instruction Bibio

Hook:             #12-14er Dry fly hook
Thread:         Dyneema
Body:            twisted Chenillethread (Velvet thread)
Wing:            Phloem reinforced with adhesive tape
Hind legs:    two times 2 or 3 knotted fibres of a black dyed pheasant feather
Legs:            black roe deer hair in a dubbingloop
Eyes:            Chenillethread (Velvet thread)

The body is made from a twisted and thereby doubled Chenillethread, thread length approx. 7-8 cm). Then the body, in approx. hook length, is tied in in the middle of the hook,the loose end  points to the right (righthanded tyer). Then the little legs are fixed on the left and on the right at the "tie in point" of the body. Now two trimmed wings are put on top of each other and slightly V-shaped are tied in on top on the same "tie in point". Now take the loose ends of the Chenillethread to the left. Afterwards distribute roe deer hair tips in a small dubbingloop, twist and wind it about two to three times round the hook in direction to the eye and fix it. Now clap forward both loose ends of the Chenillethread over the "roe deer hair hackle" and fix them behind the eye. Now we hold the dubbing needle about the tie in point and fold back both loose thread ends over the needle. Thereby the small round eyes are formed. Now these are tied directly on the left of the needle and afterwards we finish the fly with a whip finish.
Copyright by Sven Ostermann.