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One Feather Fly

Michael Salzer

Tying instructions


Disassemble the feather into three components: Pluck and mix the down - body, pluck a few fibers from the middle part - tail, tip part - hackle.


Place the basic winding up to the hook bend. Tie down the tail along the entire length of the hook shank. On the way back to the hook eye tie in a piece of mono.


Wrap the body material tightly around the thread and form the body. Leave room to the eye for 2-3 hackle turns.


Pick up the mono and rip the body tight against the dubbing direction. Cut off mono and tie off cleanly.


Tie in the feather at the tip as shown. Bring the tying thread to the hook eye.


Make 2-3 wraps. Secure the feather, cut it off and tie it off properly.


Build a neat head and finish the fly with the Whip Finisher.


Tying thread: 6/0, orange
Hook: Wetfly hook, #8 – 18
Rib: Mono, 0.18
  All other materials: chicken feather, of your choice (here grizzly)

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