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Michael Salzer

Tying instructions


Wrap a basic winding to the hook bend and insert the tipped fibres as tail. Tie down over the entire length.


Include an approx. 5 cm long piece of floss for the rib.


Wrap on the underfur and dub a slender body. There should be enough space for the wings and the hackle.


Pick up the floss with a clip and rip the body tightly. Secure the floss, cut it off and tie off properly.


With the glossy side facing outwards, tie in the two biots at the tips, cut off the excess and tie off the wings neatly. The wings should spread slightly V-shaped.


Tie in the wing feather at the tip, make 2-3 windings and tie off tightly. Form a clean head. Use it to push the hackle a bit backwards and complete the fly with the Whip Finisher. The wings should protrude slightly over the body - cut off at an angle of 45°. Finally, varnish the head.


Tying thread: 6/0, orange
Hook: Wet Fly Hook, #10 - 16
Tail: Tippet Fibers, Golden Pheasant
Rib: Floss, orange
Body: Rabbit, underfur, grey/blue
Wing: 2 pcs. Turkey Biots, black
Hackle: Partridge

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