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Jig Worm

Michael Salzer

Tying instructions


Place a Tungsten Heavy Body on the hook and place a basic wrap in the slots.


Secure the Tungsten Heavy Body on the underside with some UV-adhesive to prevent it from shifting.


Secure the binding thread with half a turn and apply several windings behind the tungsten body to create a nice transition.


Cut a silicone strip in half and fix only the tip directly behind the tungsten body.


The tail will be properly tied in in the next step, because the thread cuts the silicone strip. Now tie in the tying wire.


Rub in the binding thread with dubbing wax. Then spin some dubbing on the binding thread. Less is more here.


Now tie in the tail with the dubbing well and wrap the tungsten body up to the front slot. The dubbing gives a cushion.


Create a rib with the tying wire in the opposite direction to the dubbing, catch it, terminate with a head knot and secure it with binding varnish.


Tying thread: 6/0 rose or pink
Hook: Jig #10
Underbody: Tungsten Heavy Body 3,6mm
Tail: Squirmy Worms pink
Rib: Tying wire silver sm
Body: Czech Nymph Dubbing - fluo pink

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