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Pheasant Tail Variant

Alexander Busch

Tying instructions


Slide the tungsten bead onto the hook and clamp the hook in the vise. Apply several wraps of lead wire to the hook and push it into the tungsten bead so that it is firmly seated.


Place a basic wrap first behind the lead wire and then over the lead wire, so that it also has a firm seat. Then tie in some fibres of a pheasant feather as tail.


Tie in one after another some copper wire for the rib and some fibres of a pheasant feather for the abdomen.


Wind the fibres of the pheasant feather in tight turns to the front and tie off. Cut off excess fibres.


Wrap the copper wire with not too tight wraps forward in the opposite direction around the fibres and tie off. Cut off the wire or remove it by rotating it.


One after another tie in a strip of tinsel in the color pearl as wing sheath and some peacock herl for the thorax.


Wind the peacock herl with a few turns towards the tungsten bead and tie off directly behind it. Place the tinsel over the thorax and also tie off directly behind the tungsten bead with 2-3 turns.


Fold back the tinsel and tie off again. Complete the tying step with a head knot. Cut off the tinsel. The head knot can be secured with some varnish.


Tying thread: 6/0 black
Hook: Nymph hook #10-18
Tail: Pheasant feather natural
Underbody: Lead 0,015
Abdomen: Pheasant feather natural
Thorax: Peacock herl
Wing sheath: Tinsel pearl
Rib: Copper wire sm
Head: Tungsten or brass bead copper

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