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Fluttering Sedge

Michael Salzer

Tying instructions


Use the start of the basic wrap as positioning - there should be enough space for the wing and 5-7 hackle windings. Put the basic wrap up to the hook bend. Wrap some carded wool and dub the egg ball.


Wrap on a dubbing mix and dub an even body up to the above-mentioned position.


The wing should stand about body length over the hook end. Insert the wing material into the hair stacker and tie it in as wing as shown.


Tie in the hackle. Apply a small drop of varnish before wrapping and allow to dry. Wind the hackle with 5-7 windings up to the hook eye, secure, cut off and tie down tightly. Finish the fly with the Whip Finisher. Varnish the head.


Tying thread: 6/0, orange
Hook: Dryfly hook, thin wire, long shank, #10 - 18
Eggball: Carded wool, yellow
Body: Dubbingmix: rabbit underfur, feather fibres, Arctic Foxtail, natural colours
Flügel: Fox Squirrel Tail, natural
Hackle: Cock, saddle, grizzly brown dyed

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