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Tying instructions


Use the beginning of the basic wraps as positioning - there should be enough space for the wings and some hackle wraps. Place the basic wrapping up to the hook bend. Tie in grizzly and grizzly olive pike fibers as a tail.


Place the hackle tips with 2 loose windings and bring them into the correct position. Tie down with tight windings as shown, but do not set up yet.


Apply the dubbingmix and dub the body. To be able to wrap the following hackles also behind the wing, leave some space to this.


Set up the wings with a slight forward tilt. Put the grizzly olive over the brown hackle and tie them in together. Bring the thread to the hook eye. Apply very little varnish and allow to dry.


Pick up the grizzly olive hackles with a clip. 1-2 windings behind, 2-3 windings in front of the wings and secure the hackles and tie them off tight.


Pick up the brown hackle with a clip and guide it through the first hackle with tremoring motions and secure it.


Cut off the hackle, tie it off tightly and form a neat head. Finish the fly with a whip finisher. Cut off the thread and paint the head.

Material list

Tying thread: 6/0 orange
Hook: Dry fly hook, #10 – 18
Tail: Hackle fibres, grizzly nature & grizzly olive
Body: Dubbingmix: 80% Antron, olive & 20% Artic Foxtail, black
Wing: Hackle tips, grizzly nature
Hackle: Rooster, grizzly olive & brown

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