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Alexander Busch

Tying instructions


Divide a strip of Krystal Flash twice. After laying a base winding, insert the four strips of Krystal Flash.


Select a cock feather that matches the hook size. Remove the down and fibres that are too long. Free approx. 5 mm of the quill from the fibres.


Mount the quill approx. 3 mm behind the hook eye. Make sure that no fibres are included.


Apply dubbing wax to the binding thread and spin some super fine dubbing onto the binding thread.


Wind the dubbing strand with narrow windings backwards on the hook.


Palm the cock feather with not too narrow windings backwards and catch it with the binding thread. Cut off the cock feather.


To protect the feather in case of many bites, twist the thread with quivering movements between the fibers forward to the hook eye.


Brush out two strings of Aero Dry Wing with a wire brush and tie them in in the middle behind the hook eye.


Fold the top of the wing forward and wrap the tying thread over it, creating a large head with the next step.


Fold the wing backwards and lock it with a head knot behind the thickening. Shorten the tail to body length. Cut off the wing behind the hook.

Material list

Tying thread: 6/0 black
Hook: Dry fly hook #10
Body: Dubbing super fine brown or olive
Legs: Cock feather brown
Tail: Crystal Flash pearl
Wings: Aero Dry Wing fluo white

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