02. November 2019

Today we had the EFFA basic exam in the Netherlands at the Zevenhuizerplassen (Zevenhuizen).

Examiners of the day Rudy van Duijnhoven, Richard Verbeek and me where early present to lay out the castinglane with help from our Dutch EFFA instructors Ferdy Geerdink, Kees van Houwelingen and Warner Veldhuis.

We had a long and hard day. Started at 09:00 until 16:30. Long because we had good candidates en hard we had bad weather conditions. When we want to start with the casting demands at the water the weather gods found it nice to give us heavy rain and lot of wind around BF7. So we decide to change the schedule and started with part 2 (teaching skills). Nice to change papers under this weather conditions and holding a big umbrella.

When we just we finished this part the weather was clearing up for a while and even better on that time the wind was almost gone and the sun breaks true. At midday we finished and decided after an short break to fasten up because the wind was blowing again true the trees and even got worse from BF7 and up.  

One candidate had to repeat the distance 27m cast. We did that direct before we started with part 3. This because the stormy conditions that’s coming up. He made it!

After all 4 candidates passed all 3 parts and we could further with the theoretical part. We drove 5 min to the clubhouse from our host that day, the fishing association Groot-Rotterdam where we could warm up with a cup of coffee and start with the Theoretical part. Finally we could give our gratulations to four candidates Stephan Kastelijn, (NL) Otto Renia (NL), Patrick Sprangers (Bel), and Erwin van der Voort (NL).

Good candidates and a very good result!

I want to thank our examiners en especially Kees van Houwelingen for organize the hospitality from Groot-Rotterdam.

Bas de Bruin