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Silver Tinsel

Alexander Busch

Tying instructions


Slide the tungsten bead onto the hook and place a short basic wrap behind the hook bend.


Cut off a small portion of soft twisted flash in silver. The length should be about 2 times the length of the hook. Pull out a few of the tinsel so that the ends stand out at different lengths.


Put the tail on the hook and adjust it so that there is a 3/5 to 2/5 pitch in front of the hook bend. Tie in the tail with a few wraps.


Fold the tinsel looking to the front backwards and tie it in with a few wraps.


To secure the tungsten bead to the rear, tie in some ice dubbing. For this purpose form an approx. 5 cm long loop with the tying thread and tie it off.


Insert some ice dubbing into the loop and twist with a dubbing twister. The dubbing is barely visible afterwards, but should secure the tungsten bead to the rear.


Wrap the twisted dubbing around the hook so that a small "ball" is formed in front of the tinsel. Finish the first tying part with several half hitches or a head knot and then slide the tungsten bead all the way to it.


Lay a new basic wrap in front of the tungsten bead, form a loop again and tie it off. This loop may be slightly larger.


Insert a portion of silver Twisted Flash in the middle of the loop and turn it slightly. The length of the tinsel should be about 1.5 times the length of the hook. Now align it a little bit and then twist it with the Dubbing Twister.


Wind the strand around the hook to about half the available length. Strip the tinsel backwards after each winding and then tie off. Cut off the rest of the loop.


Form another loop like before. Insert a little twisted flash in the middle of this loop in steel-grey with a length of 1-1.5 times the hook length and wind it up to the hook eye as in the previous step.


Finally, tie off the strand and terminate the binding step with a head knot. The head knot can be secured with a bit of varnish.


This picture shows the finished fly in wet condition.


Tying thread: 6/0, black
Hook: Streamer #4-12
Underbody: Tungsten bead, Ice Dubbing, any color you like
Body: Twisted Flash silver
Tail: Twisted Flash silber
Kopf: Twisted Flash steelgrey


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