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Two Colour Mallard

Michael Salzer

Tying instructions


Put the bead on and put a clean basic wrap to the hook bend. Wrap the lead wire in the middle of the hook shank. The winding should still be adjustable, this is important for the next step.


Apply a drop of glue to the free area between bead and lead wire and quickly push the lead winding into the hole of the bead until it is in plac


The tail should be about hook length - tie in a good amount of marabou fibers.


Include a strand of yellow and orange wool. Leave the binding thread as a positioning. There should be enough space for the wings.


Twist the two wool strands. The resulting string must not be released.


Wind the strand up to the positioning and tie off the wool neatly with tight wraps. Apply a drop of varnish and allow to dry. Do not cut the single wool threads which protrude from the body.


The length of the wings should be chosen so that they match the tail. Tie in the Duck feathers laterally as wings.


Cut off the excess feather quills and tie them off tightly. Wrap on some carded wool. Apply a drop of varnish and quickly dub the wool into the varnish.


Finish the streamer with the Whip Finisher. Cut the thread and varnish the final point.


Tying thread: 6/0, orange
Hook: Streamerhook, longshank, #2 – 8
Head: Brass bead, black
Tail: Maraboufibres, black
Underbody: Lead wire, 0.20
Upper body: Wool, yellow & orange
Wings: 2 Duck - feathers, natural
Collar: carded wool, yellow


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