The EFFA Double Hand Instructor Certification Programme is devided into two parts. You can either try to become an EFFA Double Hand Instructor for Long Lines („Spey“) or an EFFA Double Hand Instuctor specialized in the Underhand Technique(UH). So everyone can go for the EFFA Double Hand Instructor Certificate with the tackle he uses at home and his preferred technique. Of course it is absolutely essential and part of each of the both programmes to have substantial knowledge about the technique and principles of the other programme, too.

Please, download the programme you are interested in:

The term Long Line Technique was chosen because of the problems and misunderstandings that came up especially during the last decade by mixing the term and fly casting principles of the Classic Spey Technique and what is called Spey Casting today.  In our opinion the term Long Line Technique describes today`s hybrid techniques which are used with long lines much better.
The questions in the theoretical part are not complete. Our examiners can of course ask additional questions to make sure that the future instructor knows his business really well.

For questions about the Spey technique please contact Valerio Santagostino.  E-Mail
For questions about the underhand technique please contact Günter Feuerstein.  E-Mail