Born in 1966
I came to fishing very late. In 2009 I passed the fishermen's examination and started with spinfishing. A year later I attended a beginners class in fly fishing. From then on I was caught by the fly virus, that I didn't touch a spinning rod anymore. Another year later I started to fly tying after a course for beginners. With fly tying I am now also concerned with the topic of photography.

The most beautiful way of fly fishing for me is to present a self tied dry fly with line class 2 or 3, but the nymph is still the most common because it is the one that catches the most. In the meantime I also like to use small streamers with a Skagit shooting head on a class 3 rod. I am in the lucky situation to fish on such beautiful waters as the Ammer, Isar, Loisach and Partnach. My next goal: After many hours on the lawn and several advanced and professional casting classes I am now working towards the EFFA instructor.