Everyone is very welcome to become a member of the European Fly Fishing Association! Join us, no matter if you are a fly fisher, a fly tyer, an instructor or guide, a conservationist or just someone who wants to be part of an organisation whose members have one thing in common: They love fly fishing and want to help to spread the spirit of their passion among all anglers to make them being part of our big EFFA family with members in 20 countries.

How do I profit personally from an EFFA membership?

Personalized membership card

All EFFA members will get a personalized membership card (credit card like). This card enables a member to get discounts of up to 20% from certain tackle dealers and manufacturers. Instructors and guides even get higher discounts as they are pivot persons. Some fly casting instructors offer discounts for EFFA members who attend their courses.  Interested in salmon fishing with double hand rods? EFFA members get a 10 % discount on the official prices at the Orkla near Meldal.


EFFA membership helps to provide you with a good and professional start into fly fishing. EFFA members get access to the internal member forum (closed Facebook group). EFFA instructors and members have a huge knowledge on fly fishing and know most of the good fly fishing waters all around Europe. Get the information you are looking for and join the fly fishing network.

Do you want to become an EFFA sponsor?

You are very welcome to support EFFA as a sponsor. An EFFA sponsor has the right to have his banner placed on the EFFA website. You can either support EFFA as a sponsor by paying the sponsorship dues (€ 500.-/year) or act as a sponsor through a sponsor contract (tackle,…). If you want to become an EFFA sponsor please ask for more information

Have you got any more questions?
Please, read the FAQs.