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Black Magic Variant tying instructions

Tying thread: Tying thread black
Hook: Spider #10-18
Abdomen: Tying thread black
Rib: Tying thread black
Thorax: peacock herl
Hackle: Hen grizzly
1. Lay a basic wrap with the black tying thread and back towards the hook eye to create a rib. 2. Depending on the hook size, tie in 1-2 fibres of peacock herl. Let a small gap towards the hook eye. 3. Depending on the size of the hook, wrap the peacock herl around the hook 2-3 times and tie it off with the tying thread. Cut off the excess.
4. Select a suitable hen feather and pluck off all fibres on one side. Cut off the very thin front part of the feather tip. 5. Pluck off a few of the front fibres so that 2-3 mm of the quill is fully exposed and then tie it in between the hook eye and the thorax. 6. With 1-2 turns of the hen feather form a sparse hackle wreath and tie it off. Then form a small head with the tying thread and finish with a head knot.
Copyright by Alexander Busch
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