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CmM Retrofly tying instruction

Tying thread: 8/0, of your choice - here orange
Hook: Dry fly hook, #12 - 22
Tail: Coque de Leon CDL, dark pardo
Body: Nylon, yellow/black
Hackle: Cock, colour of your choice - here grizzly
1. Place a basic winding up to the hook bend and tie a few (3-5) fibers of a CDL feather as a tail. Tie down along the entire length of the hook to achieve an even body. 2. Tie in a piece of nylon over the whole hook shank. Pick it up with a clip and wind it tightly forward. There should be room for 3-5 turns with the hackle. Form the body accordingly. Tie off the nylon tightly. 3. Tie in the hackle, make 3-5 tight turns and tie off the hackle.
4. Finish the fly with the Whip Finisher and varnish the head.
Copyright by Michael Salzer
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