Dutch EFFA Meeting in Schimmert (NL) 2007

The Dutch meeting in Schimmert (Netherland ) was a great success. In a beautiful surrounding of south Limburg we held this time our yearly meeting in the weekend from the 3 th till the 5 th of May. A special thanks from all of us to William van der Vorst and his team for the organisation. Most of us stayed at the Campsite Marevelt in Schimmert, this campsite has very good accommodation and a great lawn where William and his team build-up a large flycasting pool. The weather was great, too, so it couldn't be better.

Saturday 4 th May was set up for our instructor exam. We had the maximum of 8 candidates but so as we know the EFFA instructor exam is not so easy. It's the most difficult instructor programme but if you manage this level you can be proud to be an EFFA flycasting instructor. At the end of this long day two candidates received the instructor certificates. Ruben Groenendijk and Cees van Noord did the exam very well and therefore our congratulations to them. This made the Dutch EFFA team grow to 17(!) instructors and that is great for such a small country. After this hard long day we went to the lodge for some drinks and a great buffet. Off course we held a little meeting after the buffet with our new instructors and had a nice brainstorm session about the future of us and this exam day. There is always room for improvement and maybe some of our spoken suggestions can be found in the future on our EFFA site.

Schimmert 2007
The examiners Jupp Verstraten and Bas de Bruin, the new EFFA

This weekend was not only a weekend for the instructors but we invited everyone who was interested in fly-fishing and of course fly-casting, especially on Sunday. We offered free workshops and fly-casting demonstrations the whole day long.

Before we started with the workshop there was always a little casting demo for about 10-15 minutes. After that everyone was invited to join the instructors with the workshops for about another 30 minutes. We held workshops for the basic-cast, analyzing the double-haul, tips and tricks, distance casting, casting with double-handed rods, casting with shooting-heads and so on.

Every instructor was very busy that day. We did not only teach the visitors a lot, we learned also from each other, too. And that is the true spirit! The main aim of this weekend was to enjoy the day with our friends, with other instructors, the public and this great sport. We are looking forward to the next Dutch weekend in 2008.

Bas de Bruin, May 2007