It was a perfectly organized fly fishing event in Glavaticevo, Bosnia and Hercegovina! At famous Neretva River (home of the soft mouth trout), the local fishing society headed by its president Mr. Beso Niksic, gave us really the best to make this event one of the most successful ones in the recent years! Main purpose of this event was our big vote from EFFA in regard of protecting and preserving the natural treasure of the beautiful Neretva River and its unique species - the endangered soft-mouth trout. EFFA did the job by two recognizeable and very well known activities: fly casting/fly tying demos and EFFA exams. Many well known names came here to make this possible: Sepp Fuchs, Ritchard Verbeek (Netherlands), Wolfgang Fabisch, Dieter Weiler, Armin Frobel (Germany), Claudio Balassone (Italy), Ewald Grabher (Austria), Urs Müller and Marc Petitjean (Switzerland), Alex Ivanovic (Serbia). Local people from Bosnia and Hercegovina were happy to see and learn new fly casting and fly tying techniques. For the toughest exam on our planet, EFFA master FCI and FCI exam, locals made a special shallow water pool: 30 meters long and 6 meters wide! Seven participants took part in the exam. At the end of pretty challenging and sometimes hard conditions (due to heavy wind!), we got three new happy faces: One Master Instructor (Alex Ivanovic, Serbia) and two instructors (Veljko Andric from Serbia and Aleksandar Puskadija from Croatia).

EFFA says a big THANK YOU to Beso Niksic who was in charge and the main organizer of this great event. We also thank the Zvonic family at Hotel Neretva, for their unique hospitality and friendly atmosphere during our stay there. Also special thanks to the people from Glavaticevo who helped to make this meeting another very special one!
Our examiners did a great job again, profesionally and seriously, still retaining lots of fun and creating a relaxed atmosphere for all. Congratulations to our new master and two new instructors! The EFFA family continues to grow  every year, keeping the highest level possible in instructing people throughout Europe. Celebrating at night was one of a kind: a special music performance leaded by our "Idaho Connection" Ewald Grabher! Laughing, jokes, entertaining every morning, day, night ... it is hallmark and tradition of our events. It was no exception even here at Neretva River!