EFFA Fly Fishing Meeting at georgeous Pliva River

Pliva river BIH EFFA Meeting


We have just come back from Pliva where we enjoyed a very nice weekend with our friends from the Balkan States. The weather could have been better as it was quite wet like more or less the whole month of May but sometimes the sun came out and let us have a look at the nice graylings and trout which were feeding above and along the water plants fields of the probably largest spring creek in Europe. Pliva's gin clear water is very cold the whole year round and provides optimal habitat for salmonids. No wonder LTG Company, which was our host, has built probably the best and most comfortable fishing lodge in Europe at its banks. We were the first guests to stay there. It is built on a phantastic place  some hundred meters below the source and like at the Ribnik Lodge you can see the river right in front of the living room window. So you can fish in front of your door if you wish to do so.

The appartments of the Pliva Lodge are first class and we enjoyed the talks with our instructor friends who were staying with us. The atmosphere was great and especially among the young Serbian instructors there is a good friendship. Ivan and Veljco organised our stay together with Aleksandar Djucic on behalf of LTG company in the best possible way and we would like to thank them and especially Mr. Goran Talic very much for this great weekend. Probably all of us have gained some weight during these days as the food was excellent and the wine was very tasty, too. It could'nt have been better.

On Saturday the visitors could follow flycasting demonstrations on different topics. Double handed fly casting, trick casting, water casts and even distance casting was on the schedule. EFFA instructors from different parts of Europe gave the visitors a deep insight into the techniques and helped them to overcome problems with their casting. In the fly tying room at the smaller lodge at the bridge in town Hans Weillenmann showed his fly tying tricks and even tied some of his micro flies on size 32(!) hooks. Next to it the cooks were preparing our meals and were serving us drinks.

On Sunday two of the best known fly fishers from the Balkan States went for the EFFA Fycasting Instructor certificate. They showed a very nice performance on the lawn as well as on the pool and as both are teaching and guiding since quite some time they passed the didactical and theoretical part, too. The examiners Bas de Bruin and Günter Feuerstein were really happy to see them passing. Aleksandar Djucic(our first instructor from BIH) and Miroslav Katicic (CRO)are two great fly fishermen who will for sure represent EFFA in their country in the best possible way. Thanks a lot to Ivan, Veljco, Zeka, Claus and Memo for their assistance with the exam.



The new instructors together with the examiners and the exam assistants.
The new instructors Miro Katicic and Aleksandar Djucic together with the examiners and the exam assistants.

Demonstrating and instructing close to such a wonderful river can be very hard as we are all real fly fishers. There were giant stone flies and the huge caddies flying everywere over the water and along the banks  and loads of duns  and even some may flies were on the surface. So the trout and grayling were rising more or less constantly directly in front of our meeting place. So every day after the official part was over everyone jumped into the waders and tried to land the one or other of the jewels of Pliva.  Pliva is not an easy river and the fishing there is very demanding, but as all of us are used to such situations we landed quite a few nice fish.