EFFA Annual Meeting at River Ribnik in BIH

The meeting in Bosnia could not have been any better and the organizers especially Mr. Talic and Mr. Vukovic as well as our instructors Ivan Dragoijlovic and Alex Ivanovic hereby get a big thanks from all of us. We stayed right at the river bank of one of the most wonderful spring creeks in Europe, the River Ribnik, with many other fly fishing possibilities nearby. However there was not much need to move somewhere else, the river was just too beautiful and the fishing for big browns and grayling was fabulous. Nevertheless we got to know that the fish there can also be quite tricky. So even for the hard core fly fishers among us the fishing was interesting enough. In the evenings we tasted the excellent local food, the tasty Bosnian vines and the local beer which was a little bit stronger(12,5% alcohol) than some of us were used, too. Besides that we enjoyed the talks with our new Bosnian friends who share our passion. The Bosnian guides and fly fishers do not only know how to fish their streams but also like to celebrate. It was great fun.
The exam and the fly casting demonstrations took place a little bit upstream from the lodge on a big field at the banks of the Ribnik where a large flycasting pool was set up. As we all know the EFFA instructor exam it the only exam adapted to the high European fly casting level and therefor much more difficult than any other instructor exam. So at the end there was only one candidate left who received the most sought-after instructor certificate. Patrik Wettergren from Sweden delivered a superb exam and is about to strengthen the EFFA team in Sweden now. Congratulations Patrik!

Ribnik 2007   Ribnik 2007   Ribnik 2007
Ivan Dragojlovic(organizer), Günter Feuerstein, examiner, our new instructor Patrik Wettergren, Claudio Balassone, examiner and Alex Ivanovic(organizer)
Claudio Balassone demonstrating the crowd the Italian TLT technique
fun & friendship are the most important factors in fly fishing