EFFA at Aqua Fisch in Friedrichshafen

To begin with: All in all it was another really great event, where various members of our association shared and spread knowledge about fly fishing. Especially beginners were able to receive helpful tips from the instructors. At this point: Thank you so much Günter Feuerstein, Andy Böhringer and Fredi Illien, you did a great job! And not to forget: Thanks a million, Hans Spinnler! With his stunning presentation he captivated tons of visitors.
Like the years before, the EFFA Open had to be part of the event as well. The jury included Igor Stancev, Erwin Tibad and Theo Atanassov, who rated the sent flies individually and professionally. Thereby the main sponsors of the EFFFA association - Maier&Fazis, Andino Reisen, Fischen.ch und Flyfisheurope – provided amazing prizes. Thanks to Simon Barg for catching all the beautiful moments with the help of his camera!
The kids’ contest, which was sponsored by Echo, was a big success. Congratulations to our winners, the „fly fishing kids experts“!
Thanks to the trade fair of Friedrichshafen, which allowed us to meet members such as other interested visitors. Every single one seemed to be in a great mood, which provided an awesome atmosphere. Thanks to our voluntary supporters: Andy Böhringer, Rainer Thoma, Herbert Daigeler, Markus Kunter, Erwin Tibad, Simon Barg, Hans Maier, Martin Weidisch, Gerhard Greiner, Armin Kundolf  such as Theo Atanassov. Unfortunately Markus Kunter resigned from his engagement and won’t be part of the fair of the upcoming year. Thanks a lot Markus, for everything you’ve done for our association! We appreciate your commitment so, so much!
Thanks to all of you for representing the EFFA and showing visitors, what an exceptional such as interesting passion our association shares. I’ll see you soon!