Fair Augsburg 18. – 21.01.2018

From 18 January to 21 January, EFFA presented itself at the first trade fair of the year in Augsburg.

Four days during which our stand was visited by many guests, individual anglers, families and even whole school classes.

Andreas Böhringer, Dominik Borrmann and Herbert Daigeler explained again and again which goal or task the EFFA pursues for the fly fishermen. Some visitors came because they wanted to take part in the tombola and even children guided their parents to the stand because they also wanted to take part in the children's competition.

Our binders at the EFFA stand were a big magnet for visitors, showing all the patterns used in domestic waters in their repertoire.
Special attention was given to our Frank Fuchs, who made knotted bodies for nymphs and also took part in the video recording of interested binders.
Frank is a young EFFA member and represented our organisation for the first time at a trade fair. Tying at eye level, always a quick speech on the lips and the noticeable joy of what he does was catching everyone's attention.
Andreas Böhringer attracted anglers of all kinds with his pike streamers and was able to pass on much of his experience with fly fishing for pike.
Yvonne Schreiter was the third female flytyer and this year the only tying woman at the fair. In step-by-step explanations, she showed the visitors the creation of a dry fly and did not hesitate to bring visitors to her vice to try it herself.

Peter Kunz showed his realistic flies in the first days and even for passionate binders he still had good suggestions and tricks in stock.

He and Maggie Kaiser are part of the EFFA presence and are an essential factor for success.

Due to the fact that the casting pool was nearby, our EFFA instructors and members very often had the opportunity to give demonstrations and instruct interested persons. The demand here has all too often exceeded the available pool times.

The final highlight of this fair was the presentation of the winners of the tombola and the children's competition led by our President Daniele Di Fronzo.

Conclusion: That we are a great team, everyone around us felt.
Thanks to all who are part of this success!

A. Böhringer and D. Borrmann
(German delegates of EFFA)

Children's competition:

  1. Lea Grimm Vohburg      Echo Flyrod
  2. Lucas Fischer                Andino Reel
  3. Lukas Brecheisen          fischen.ch Flybox
    Elias Lübben                  fischen.ch Flybox
    Noah Eppler                   fischen.ch Flybox
    Nico Lattermann            fischen.ch Flybox
    Valentin Ostler               fischen.ch Flybox

Competition adults:

1. Price Paolo Rezonico, Bellinzona       Flyrod Guideline Fario from fischen.ch
2. Price Martin Adam,    Weissenhorn     Gift certificate Euro 200.- from Andino
3. Price Manuel Werner, Grossaitingen   Fliegendose C&F from Simms


Congratulations to the winners.
The prices will be sent by post within the next few days.

The report about the fair will be published in the next few days.