First Russian instructors certified!

EFFA certifications Elverum 2008
B. d. Bruin, W. Fabisch , Joakim Ericsson SWE, Igor Tyapkin RUS, Mikhail Zenkov RUS, Alexander Chernysh RUS, Tore L. Rydgren NOR and examiner S. Fuchs

Not less than ten candidates attended the EFFA Basic flycasting instructor exams on 9 August in Elverum(Nor). The exam took place at the same location as last year. The Nordic Fishing and Hunting Fair next to the fishing and hunting museum who was also the organizer of the show was the perfect place to meet for Scandinavians. The examiners Sepp Fuchs, Bas de Bruin and Wolfgang Fabisch were the examiners team at site. It was very tough this year because the wether was terrible. The heavy rain was a bit of a handicap but the people from the North seem to be quite used to it. At the end the examiners could welcome five new EFFA instructors in our team: Tore L. Rydgren NOR, Joakim Ericsson SWE, Alexander Chernysh RUS, Igor Tyapkin RUS und Mikhail Zenkov RUS. Alexander, Igor and Mikhail were the first Russians ever who passed world's most difficult fly casting instructor exam, so they were more than happy about that and shared some Vodka with the new friends. We are very happy about all our new instructors and want to thank the Norwegians for their hospitality. We will be back.

       by Wolfgang Fabisch