EFFA Casting Demo at BFFI in UK

Our Master Instructors Sepp Fuchs (NL) and Bas de Bruin (NL) were honored to give the ever first casting demo under the lable of EFFA at the British Fly Fair International. It was the first time at the BFFI that foreign casters get some room at the demonstration schedule.






We had spoken with many people around and in particular with the chairman of AAPGAI, illtyd Griffiths, and some more AAPGAI members.


tl_files/images/images_BFFI_2012/Casting demo BFFI.JPG

It was a great atmosphere with them and we talked a lot about each others organisations. We had fun and the AAPGAI representatives felt very pleased with us and want us to came back again in 2013 for another demonstration. We will come for sure.