United by true passion

After the long pandemic we were able to hold the annual EFFA member event in Slovenia. 

One of the main goals of the organization is to achieve networking across borders among fly fishermen such as fly fisherwomen and to get to know each other personally.
We also talked about the challenges in the different countries concerning legislation, hydraulic engineering and nature conservation. These challenges do not end at our borders as the rivers flow through several countries and the decisions have an impact on our neighbors. 

Another goal was the certification of instructors. We’d like to welcome Willi Traby (A) and Dominik Borrmann (D) as new instructors. Congratulations for the certification. In reality the real test was the way to get there.

About 40 fly fishermen and fly fisherwomen from several nations followed this invitation and had the chance to exchange their views about facets of fly fishing. We’d like to mention, that it is absolutely unimportant on which level someone fishes or casts. At the end of the day we’re all fly fishermen and fly fisherwomen. Friendships are made, information flows and know-how is passed on while fishing, at the dinner or in the workshops.

The workshops at the annual EFFA member event were also open to fishermen such as fisherwomen from the area and tricks such as training sessions were shown by instructors.

The importance of our event was underlined by the mayor of the region, who did not miss the opportunity to welcome us at dinner. It turned out, that our goals are very similar as the tourism of fly fishing is very important in and to the whole region.

We’d like to thank Helen and Zlatko from https://flyfishers-friend.com for the support and the organization on site. Everything worked out fantastically from the accommodations and catering to the pool for the demonstrations.

I am sure, we’ll visit again.

Here are some photos