EFFA Fishing Weekend at the River Aare (CH)

When I recognised to have a free slot in my calendar in November I decided quickly to use it. Via EFFA forum and a newsletter to the Swiss members I offered a fly fishing weekend for EFFA members at the River Aare in Bern. With the help of the locals Jean-Paul Kauthen, who forwarded a list of accomodation possibilities and a link where fishing licences for the river can be bought online and Max Sulzener, who even organised the clubs fishing hut at the river  for us for a barbeque on Sunday, the organisation was already made. We met at Bernhard Fishing in Wichtrach, one of our sponsors, on Saturday in the morning and went straight to the river with our local guides Jean-Paul and Max.
So it took not much time for preparation but this spontaneous little event offered us two very nice days at the river to deepen friendship and to hunt for some of the spooky grayling. We even got two new members. As the River Aare runs from one lake to the next the water stays always clear and at that time of the year it was even very low. So we could enjoy the beautiful water, the nice scenery and the fishing of course. On Sunday Max made lunch for us on open fire and we could look right onto the water from our table. That was great. Many thanks to Max and Jean-Paul who offered us lunch for free. I hope many of you will follow this example and by doing this will help to make EFFA more interesting for our members.

Günter Feuerstein