EFFA Meet and Greet Meeting at the River Argen (DE)

On July 6/7 2013 a nice group of EFFA members followed the invitation to the River Argen near Tettnang for a Meet and Greet Weekend. The meeting was organized by EFFA delegate for Germany Peter Ebert and the participants were invited to fish the private water of EFFA merchandizing chairman Markus Kunter. The perfect weather was ordered by EFFA president Günter Feuerstein who wished to have perfect conditions for the exams on Saturday. He seemed to have a good wire as St. Peter was pleased to serve the group two days of perfect and warm summer weather, the best basis for a great weekend.

The exams on Saturday took place under perfect windless conditions. The examiners were the Masters Sepp Fuchs and Günter Feuerstein assisted by the instructors Andy Böhringer, Peter Ebert and Armin Kundolf. Although the candidates were well prepared and showed a good overall fly casting performance none of them mastered to pass both parts of the difficult exam. However Markus Kunter passed the challanging casting performance part and will repeat the teaching and methodics the next time. So there was at least a half winner.

This did not do any bad to the mood of them as the examiners were correct and helpful and explained the results. After the short phase of disappointment faded away they enjoyed the casting, fishing and chatting with the others. Some members arrived with their beloved and did not shy away from driving a long distance to the meeting. Sepp Fuchs and his wife Tineke came all the way from Holland followed by Armin Kundolf from Saarlouis.

New Honorary Lifetime Member

Sepp Fuchs EFFA honorary life member

Among the group were two co-founders of the association and the younger, Günter Feuerstein hold a laudatio about his friend Sepp Fuchs and told the members at site a little history of EFFA and how Sepp helped to spread the EFFA spirit in the Netherlands and other parts of Europe. They also got to know some funny stories about Sepp. Sepp, an EFFA master fly casting instructor and member of the Dutch Association of Advanced Fly Tiers(DAAFT) and VNV has taught fly casting in many countries and is a well known person in Europe's fly fishing scene. Therefore he was awarded with the title EFFA Honorary Life Member. Sepp got a lot of applause and was happy about the award.

Fishing, Fly Casting and Fun

The fishing at the river Argen was a bit difficult. A big flood a week before the event moved a lot of gravel and the river had to be explored as the lays had changed. Nevertheless the water conditions were perfect. Only the bright sun was a bit of a problem, so the fish were more active at low daylight. But there were some nice fish caught and lost but anyway the participants enjoyed the fly casting together and the chatting at least as much. The location was perfect for the meeting and all agreed that in the future many of such events for members should follow. Please enjoy the pictures.