EFFA meeting at Pliva River in BIH

Pliva Meeting 2011
A great bunch met at river Pliva
It was a small but very beautiful meeting, with international participants from The Netherlands, Austria but also from Serbia and BIH in May 2011 at the very nice river Pliva in Bosnia-Herzegowina.The weather was fine, with sun in the morning, rain (and some thunder) between 13:00 and 16:00, nice temperature and a clear and cold river. The accomodation in the comfortable lodge was beautiful. The lodge is almost finished.
Fish were rising, but in the gin clear spring creek water they were hard to catch. Even the Dutch guys managed to caught a few.
The examination started on Sunday the 22 th at 09:30 sharp. There were 4 candidates: 1 from Romania and 3 from Serbia. Unfortunately only one of them managed to pass the practical part but failed the theoretical part. A very big thank you to LTG company and Mr. Talic our host!

Please visit this beautiful place some day, it is gorgeous!  > www.plivaflyfish.com