EFFA Member Meeting at Mittersill 2015

Some members could not be stopped and arrived in Mittersill already on Thursday! Even a power blackout in Amsterdam airport did not delay our secretary Ferdy nor would Christoph's accident on the motorway detain him too long. Some members started their fishing activities on Friday with some good catch, some fish measuring over 50 cm. Arriving EFFA members started animated discussions throughout the hotel. On Friday evening Michael, Guide of the Bräurup Hotel, explained the fishing-water and we were confident that there would be enough space for all. The Salzach river bank alone streches over about 60 kilometers where fishing can be done. Flyfishing talks in all languages went high during dinner, whereby some members were rather thoughtful as they were preparing for their test on Saturday.

The Instructor's and Master test on Saturday was certainly a highlight of the meeting. The displayed site for this event was perfect, the examinees were constrained to adapt the casts several times due to changing winds. Despite all difficulties 6 out of 8 examinees succeeded to pass on to theoretical tests. Finally 3 instructors and 1 master were successful. It was a particular pleasure to nominate the first instructor from Romania.

New Master EFFA is Markus Kaaser (Austria), new instructors Magliola Stefano and Michael Menardo, both from Italy and the afore mentioned Paul Sas from Romania. Congratulations to all!

Others went fishing that day and in the evening some capital catches were announced and reported on mobile phones. It was an interesting day and an excellent atmosphere throughout the event. After an excellent dinner in the Hotel Bräurup the official part of the meeting could begin. Presentation of the new MB Board and awarding of the Instructor and Master certificates.

It was also interesting to hear some details of the history of EFFA, from the beginning up to the present, around its foundation member Günter Feuerstein who, at this occasion, was honoured for his efforts during the last 20 years. Wolfgang Fabisch, one of the loyal companions, recounted some episodes of those times and of the many challenges that Günter had to overcome. For all his unfailing efforts towards the fly fishing cause Günter was then nominated Honorary President for life. He will continue to head the fly-casting department and let us benefit from his profound knowledge. Claus Elmenreich was welcomed as a new member of the board, taking over the task of cashier from Waldo Kraneburg.

On Sunday, we all met for breakfast before the first members had to leave. Some of them, however, departed only after a detour to the river.

Special thanks go to Chris Lohner and Peter Henggeler who made all the necessary preparations for this event. And another cordial thankyou to the Bräurup team (www.braurup.at) who as a sponsor offered fishing to our members at zero cost.

It was a great event and I am sure we are all looking forward to the next one.

Your new president – as Günter did not wish to be elected for a further period and will step back to the second row.

Daniele Di Fronzo