EFFA on Tour – Instruktors schooling day

On Friday the 5th of May we met up regarding the master- and basic instructor’s workshop, to share and spread knowledge. Three days of EFFA on tour. Three days of developing our skills.
The first day was dedicated to the schooling of the EFFA-instructors-to-be. 21 instructors were split up in two groups to allow every single participant an intense assistance. One group included upcoming masters, while the other group was built of base instructors- to-be. Uwe Rieder and Wolfgang Fabisch supported the participants in a professional way. The aim of stepwise improvement provided a lot of commitment and will power from the participants.
Upcoming master and basic instructors have to go through a demanding exam. The expectations are high and the evaluations are strict. Therefore both groups were practising really hard. The exercise-program, which was dedicated to the throw-workshop, was revised by the EFFA-board. On Saturday 45 participants, from beginners to advanced fly fishers, met up to exercise themselves in this exact workshop. The instructors took care of the participants individually and gave great advices. The motto: learning by doing.
After a hard but productive day of exercising, the day ended with a nice dinner at the guesthouse “Kaiser”. Thanks to every single one of you for making events like this possible. Our association would be nothing without its committed members. It’s so nice to have you as a part of the EFFA!

Your EFFA-board