EFFA Warm-Up Meeting 2017 in Rottenburg-Bieringen

45 excited fly fishers met on Saturday, the sixth of May, in Bieringen. Never before so many members of the EFFA association participated in the event. While there were many already familiar faces, a lot of beginners luckily decided to be part of the warm-up meeting as well. Our greatest concern regarding the event was not only the technique. We mostly cared about creating a meet-up, where fellow passionate fly fishers were able to chat about their favourite hobby while sharing and spreading knowledge. Therefore a total of seventy people, including members such as instructors, were training all together. At this point we’d like to thank Wolfgang Fabisch, Uwe Rieder, Markus Kunter, Herbert Daigeler, Rainer Thoma, Armin Kundolf, Fredi Illien and Andy Böhringer, who intensely supported the participants by giving them precious tips.
Beginners were able to profit from the valuable experiences of Ferdi Geerdink, Dominik Borrmann, Heinz Reitmayer, Marco Flury, René Widmer such as Alexander Busch, who explained the whole topic regarding fly fishing step by step without any rushing at all. Seeing the participants trying their best and therefore making great progress was incredibly amazing.
And like every other year our traditional tombola couldn’t be missing. All earnings are being used in the interest of the EFFA’s very own further education- fond.

Special thanks go out to our sponsors:
Pfeffer Fenstertechnik
AHG Horb
Fürsten Mineralquellen
Förg Angelgeräte

All the local organisation was managed by Frank Schmitt, who did a great job. Thank you so much for helping us out. Last but not least: Thanks to our photographer Yvonne Schreiter, Simon Bard and webmaster Kari Brunner for supporting us in such an engaged way!
Everything we do is for the sake of our beloved hobby of fly fishing. If you were part of the event and enjoyed it, make sure to tell your friends and other passionate fly fishers about our association such as our commitment. We appreciate every single one of you and hope to see you very soon at one of our events.

Your EFFA president