First EFFA instructor from Bulgaria certified!

EFFA exams 5. Rheintaler Fliegenfischertag 2012

A. Böhringer, E.Dorrer, P. Henggeler, G. Feuerstein, Stanislav Mankov(new instructor), H. Spinnler,W. Fabisch. F. Illien

The weather seems to be really extreme this year. Was it perhaps the hottest Pentecost weekend for decades in The Netherlands when we had our last exam so it was according to press the coldest October weekend in Hohenems/Austria for the last 40 years when five candidates tried to pass the EFFA basic exam. The EFFA Master instructors W. Fabisch, G. Feuerstein and H. Spinnler were assisted by some EFFA instructors who are preparing for the master test and got the possibility to learn how to test by assisting the main examiners.
The exams started at around half past 11, so the air warmed up a bit in the meantime. It was not as perfect and nice as in Holland but the conditions were ok for an exam. This was underlined by Stanislav Mankov who had no problems to pass the exam. The other candidates showed the one or other good cast and one of them was also very close to succeed but did not manage to pass the methodical part which is the really difficult part of the EFFA exam. So he will pick up some students to do some practical work with them and will give it a try the other day. Only Stanislav Mankov showed an excellent performance and finally became the first EFFA flycasting instructor from Bulgaria passing. Well done Stanislav! I am very proud he said after this long, cold and at the end also wet day. This exam proofed once again that there is no bad weather for a well prepared candidate. It is the will to pass combined with perfect preparation which is the key to a successful exam.