First EFFA instructor from France certified!

Thibaut Giband EFFA instructor
The examiners Hans, Günter and Göran together with Thibaut Giband

6 candidates showed up early in the morning in the Rheinauen in Hohenems on Oct. 29, 2011 to go for the EFFA instructor exam. They were well prepared but the exam is known to be difficult. The examiners Göran Andersson(SWE), Günter Feuerstein(AT), Hans Spinnler(CH) and Giacomo Catellani(IT) watched the candidates very carefully and checked their didactical and theoretical knowledge on the subject. There were only two candidates left after the practical casting part of the exam and another one failed in the didactics. At the end after having tested more or less the whole day one of them passed successfully. Thibaut Giband(FRA) was very happy to receive the instructor certificate and badge and thereby become the first EFFA instructor from France.
Congratulations Thibaut!