Günter Feuerstein (A) - Chairman

Internationally well-known EFFA Master Fly Casting Instructor, DH Flycasting Instructor and certified Fly Fishing Guide as well as fly tyer. EFFA honorary president and chairman of the EFFA Fly Casting Department, originator of several modern trick casts and improved techniques. Author of several books, video-productions, specialized in fresh water ecology, fly fishing consultant LOOP Pro Team.

Wolfgang Fabisch (DE)

Well known international EFFA Master Fly Casting Instructor, developed a lot of innovative fly fishing products and tools. Demonstration caster at several trade and angling fairs, great experience in steelhead fishing in British Columbia.

Sepp Fuchs (NL)

International instructor and fly tyer, member of the "Dutch Association of Advanced Fly Tiers" D.A.A.F.T. EFFA Master Fly Casting Instructor, very innovative instructor, former Dutch fly casting champion, own video on fly casting.

Göran Andersson (SWE)

Best known fly casting instructor in Scandinavia, EFFA Master Flycasting Instructor h.c., international instructor and demonstrator with world-wide reputation, revolutionised the two handed fly casting (father of the Underhand Technique), large input in fly fishing and fly casting, inventor of the large arbor reel and the shooting heads, writer of different fly fishing books, films and articles, excellent rod builder and LOOP tackle designer and consultant.

Hywel Morgan (U.K.)

Hywel has been  demonstrating casting in shows for over 20 years, all over Scandinavia, Germany, Austria, Italy, France as well as all the major shows in the UK. He was crowned World and European Casting Champion as well as holding 14 British Casting records. He has also won 3 Silver medals at the World Fly Fishing Championships 2 team medals and one Individual. Hywel now guides anglers all over the Uk for Brown and Rainbow trout as well as Grayling, Sea Trout and Salmon. He has presented 18 DVD’s as well as having his own fishing show on the Discovery channel. Hywel is an EFFA Master Flycasting Instructor h.c.

Rudy van Duijnhoven (NL)

International Fly Casting Instructor and fly tyer, EFFA Master Fly Casting Instructor, Chairman of the "Dutch Association of Advanced Fly Tiers" (D.A.A.F.T.). Freelance writer and photographer, fly fishing journalist working for BEET.

Eoin Fairgrieve (UK)

Eoin Fairgrieve is a World Team Speycasting Champion and internationally renowned as one of the sport's leading Speycasting instructors.  Based on the River Tweed in Scotland, he has travelled around the world demonstrating and conducting Speycasting seminars as well as working as a consultant for tackle companies and government agencies. He is also is a regular features writer for the UK's leading angling publication,Trout & Salmon Magazine, and has contributed to angling publications in Europe and South America. In 2005 he was appointed Scotland's first Angling Development Officer and has since taught over 6000 children all aspects of fly casting and fly fishing techniques. Eoin is an EFFA DH Master Flycasting Instructor h.c.

Uwe Rieder (A)

Well known international Fly Fishing Instructor, fly tyer and guide. EFFA Master Instructor, fly casting demonstrations at a lot of trade fairs and fly fishing shows all over Europe, well experienced in all parts of fly fishing whether it´s fishing in alpine rivers, fishing in the big rivers of Skandinavia or also saltwater fly fishing in the tropics. Runs Pro-Guides. Team Vision Member.

Michael Greve (DK)

Well known Danish flycasting instructor, sepcialized in seatrout fishing and salmon fishing with double handed rods, EFFA Master Flycasting Instructor, several publications in fly fishing press.

Roberto Pragliola (IT) †

International instructor and fly tyer, EFFA Master Fly Casting Instructor, founded the Italian Fly Fishing School SIM (Scuola Italiana di Pesca a Mosca), author of the book Magia sull Aqua, very innovative fly caster, originator of the TLT-style, developed very special rods mainly used for dry fly fishing (TLT) and fly tying tools, member of IBRA (Italian Bamboo Rodmakers Association), runs the Italian TLT-Academy.

Claudio Balassone (I)

International instructor and fly casting demonstration caster of the Italian Fly Fishing School (TLT-techniques), specialst in high precision casts with ultra-light dry fly tackle, EFFA Master Fly Casting Instructor.


Guido Vinck (BE)

International Fly Casting Instructor and fly tyer, former multiple times casting world champion, EFFA Master Fly Casting Instructor, editor of the fishing magazine BEET, well known through several fly fishing publications. Was elected as EFFA honorary member in 2009.


Igor Tyapkin (RUS)

Igor Tyapkin became the first Russian Master Flycasting Instructor and he is also by far the busiest of all teachers in Russia. Travelling nearly every weekend from spring to the end of season through Russia and teaching fly casting and fly tying, Igor is well known all over the country. He is also a keen fly fisherman and has fished nearly every interesting spot in his big country. So he is the perfect representative of Russia in the EFFA Fly Casting Department.

Robert Gillespie (N-IRL)

I am a lifelong Game angler. I was fortunate indeed to have had a Father who was normally in pursuit of one species of wild salmon or another. I grew up fishing for Spring and Autumn Salmon, summer Grilse, Sea Trout and Lough Brown Trout on the various Rivers, estuaries and Loughs of Ireland with occasional trips to Scotland. I am very passionate about fly casting with both single and double handed rods. I have been a professional Ghillie for thirty years on the Moy system, and am also an APGAI qualified Casting Instructor, also proud now to be a member of EFFA. I am currently based in the Moy Valley at Foxford Co. Mayo.

Markus Kaaser (A)

Austrian Master Flycasting Instructor and well known Huchen Guide with 20 years of practical experience on this target fish. His home water is the Gail in Carinthia, where he runs a fly fishing shop and shares his experience in casting and practical fishing. His main areas of activity are the south and east of Austria but also the waters of Slovenia, Croatia and Montenegro, where he also enjoys saltwater fly-fishing. This belongs to his area of activity as well as fishing with the two-handed rod.

Website: www.marksflyfishing.com

Bas de Bruin (Niederlande)

EFFA Master Flycating Instructor, coordinator EFFA-Netherlands, member of DAAFT (Dutch Association of Advanced Fly Tiers), former Dutch flycasting champion, Flycasting demo’s and lessons at fly fishing events, game fairs and fly-fishing clubs.

Giacomo Catellani (Italien)

EFFA Master Flycasting Instructor from Genova (IT). He is also a SIM instructor and member of the technical committee of light line as well as a member of TLT Academy Roberto Pragliola. He participates in Italian fairs and demonstrations of TLT and EFFA in Europe.

Valerio Santagostino (Italien)

EFFA Master Flycasting Instructor from Milano (I), instructor of SIM (TLT), author of the book Manuale di Pesca a Mosca, author of a fly casting column in PIPAM and Sedge & Mayfly.

Richard Verbeek (The Netherlands)

EFFA Master Flycasting Instructor from The Netherlands. Supports EFFA activities in many fairs in Holland. Country spokesman of The Netherlands in the EFFA Advisory Board.