Rolf Bünter (CH) - Chairman

My name is Rolf ''Bünti'' Bünter, born in Switzerland and living in Winkel, a small village near the airport in Zurich. As a qualified instructor and guide I own my own fly fishing school. As a crew member of Fly With Us and Hatch-Pro, I do courses/guidings (boat) and casting demonstrations.
As a real casting freak I like to be inspired by the best casters in the world and then develop my own style with my ideas and experience. I like fishing on my home waters in Switzerland. Outwitting a sensitive fish with a clever cast and perfect drift is my favourite challenge. To ensure that this remains so in the future, I myself am the manager of two waters and am committed to their care and preservation. With a lot of knowledge and enthusiasm I take care of them farsightedly. Of course, I am always drawn across borders. I enjoy travelling abroad with my wife, also an enthusiastic fly fisherman. Whether in fresh water (Germany, Austria, Iceland) or in salt water (Florida, Bahamas), it is always a new challenge.

Gergely Kapocsi (H)

I am Gergely Kapocsi from Hungary.
I fell in love with fishing when I was a little boy and learnt a lot about nature, water and fish from my father. I’ve always liked the unique outdoor activities: bowhunting, fly-fishing and kayak fishing are my ways to connect with mother nature. Sharing the experience of exploring new waters and bringing people closer to nature is why I started my fishing guide service ( in 2015. In July 2015 I became an EFFA certified fly fishing guide. Finding new fishing spots, getting to know new people and tasting local beers even in our backyard or thousand miles away is always an interesting adventure. ;-)

Heinz Reitmayer (D)

I was born on 24.12.1962 in Kiefersfelden (Bavaria) in the beautiful Inn valley and now live with my wife and daughter in Krün in the Isar valley, where I have also been running my own fly fishing school for the past 2 years. Early on, sport was the most important part of my life, but mountain sports came first. After finishing my school career, I started my apprenticeship as a mechanical engineer and successfully completed it. 1989 was the turning point in my life. After many apprenticeships and training courses I got the offer to turn my hobby into a profession and I decided to accept this offer to be in the mountains even more, but with much more responsibility for many people. After successfully completing my training as a mountain and ski guide, the Bundeswehr Institute for Mountain Training approached me and called me to their premises, I naturally followed the call, it was my dream or simply my calling. There I was partially responsible as an instructor for all areas of mountain training (summer/winter). mountain guide training, mountain rescue, helicopter rescue, canyoning rescue and much more. From 2012 I was a specialised instructor for mountain training "Vogelfrei" (bird-free) and worked only conceptually and for more than 2 years on the fusion with the Austrian Armed Forces in the field of mountain training.

In 2010 after almost 40 years and four continents with many mountain activities my body went on strike and so I started fly fishing and found my passion there which absolutely fulfils me and has brought me many new and good friends. Here I also stepped on the gas and got to know and appreciate many good casting instructors in the past 10 years and also got to discover and fish some countries and rivers like Kamchatka, Canada, Greenland, New Zealand, Cuba .......
Since 2011 member of the EFFA and 2019 completion of the Guide Training. New in the team of the Guiding Trainers I would like to bring in my experience of the past 40 years in the above mentioned topics and in this way contribute to the quality of the course.

Arnold Gufler (I)

II was born in 1975 in Bozen (South Tyrol), am married and live with my wife and 3 children in my home town of St. Martin in Passeier (South Tyrol), where I have been running the fly fishing school "Arnold Gufler" full-time for almost 10 years.

In 2014 I passed the exam for EFFA Flycasting Instructor and in 2016 the EFFA Flyfishing Guide Test. I prefer to fish with dry flies at typical mountain streams.