Fly Fishing Show in St. Petersburg (RUS)

fly meeting St. Petersburg 2011,
Feuerstein, Spinnler, Rutkis, Tyapkin, Olishannikov, Ermakov, Tyurin, Cernish, Kibko, Borovkov

Ten candidates, three of them for the first EFFA double hand exam, tried to pass the instructor certification test at the Fly Fishing Meeting in St. Petersburg. The exams were hold on two days as it would have been impossible to handle this amount of candidates on one day. So on Oct. 1, the double hand exams took place and the next day the basic exams were taken. The candidates were all well prepared and showed good results during the exams. However the EFFA tests are known to be difficult, so at the end there were "only four" who passed. Ivan Ermakov and Vladimir Tyurin passed the basic exam and Wasiliy Olishannikov and Dmitri Borovkov passed the double hand exam and became the first EFFA Certified Double Hand Instructors (LL). Dmitri from Tallinn is also our first instructor from Estonia. See below a picture of the Russian instructors who were present at the event and Dmitri together with the examiners G. Feuerstein, H. Spinnler and R. Rutkis. A short flashback of the event will follow as soon as the professional pictures from the St. Petersburg event will arrive.