The EFFA Guide Program was set up in cooperation with Hedmark University College in Norway.
EFFA certified Guides have a high standard in knowledge. EFFA certified Guides will get the same tackle discounts as our flycasting instructors do. The EFFA Guide Program covers all that is necessary to provide a client with a good service in order to make them satisfied.

EFFA guides have to know:

  • how to manage a group at a river or still water
  • how to tie certain fly patterns and use fly tying materials correctly
  • how to cast to feeding fish (medium to higher level casting requirements)
  • where to find fish in a river (reading waters)
  • what the fish feed on and why (food chain)
  • how to set up a camp
  • how to work with GPS equipment
  • how to save people who have an accident at the water (water rescue course)
  • ...

During the 4 days of the course the participants will get to know everything that is needed to become a successful guide. When they arrive they have to have the knowledge about swimming, CPR, fly tying and fly casting. At the end the participants proof their skills in a test.

For all inquiries regarding the program please contact the EFFA President.