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HiVis Parachute #1 tying instruction

Tying thread: 6/0, of your choice - here orange
Hook: Dry fly hook, #10 – 14
Tail: Polypropylene, red
Body: Fibernmix, natur
Rib: Polypropylene, orange
Wings/Visual aid: Polypropylene, red & orange
Hackle: Cock, colour of your choice - here grizzly, brown dyed
1. Use the tying thread as positioning. Start with the basic winding where the wing is to be positioned later. Place the basic winding up to the hook bend and bring the thread back to the eye. 2. Put PP red & orange on top of each other and tie in as wings as shown. Tie the PP down to the hook bend - it will still be used. Apply a little varnish to the whole and allow to dry. 3. Wrap the dubbing around the body up to the wing. Pick up the orange PP with a clip, twist it and rib the body with it - three turns, tie off the ribbing in front of the wing (between the wing and the hook eye).
4. Tie in the hackle directly at the wing. Dub the thorax and secure the thread with a half hitch. 5. Wind the hackles at the wing cleanly downwards, 5-7 turns. Guide the hackle over the thorax and tie off. 6. Finish the fly with a Whip Finisher and varnish the head. Trim wings and tail.
Copyright by Michael Salzer
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