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Hot Fire Jig tying instructions

Tying thread: 6/0 fire orange
Hook: Jig #10
Underbody: Flashabou pearl
Rib: tying wire silver sm
Body: Egg Yarn Fluo Fire orange
1. Place a Tungsten Heavy Body on the hook and place a basic wrap in the slots. 2. Secure the Tungsten Heavy Body on the underside with some UV-adhesive to prevent it from shifting. 3. Secure the binding thread with half a turn and apply several windings behind the tungsten body to create a nice transition.
4. Fold a strip of Flashabou three times in the middle and bind it in as a tail. 5. Attach the tying wire. Cut off approx. 6cm Egg Yarn and tie in approx. 1/5 of the portion, wrap flat around the tungsten body and then catch it with the thread. 6. Shorten the tail. Create a rib with the binding wire in the opposite direction to the Egg Yarn, catch it, lock it with a head knot and fix it with binding varnish.
Copyright by Alexander Busch.
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