Hunting and Fishing fair in Dornbirn with EFFA stand

EFFA team in Dornbirn

For the second time the fishing and hunting fair in Dornbirn (AT) took place between Oct. 21-23, 2011. EFFA once again got a booth there and was present with local members and friends from abroad. Besides the EFFA Master Flycasting Instructors Göran Andersson (SWE) and Günter Feuerstein (AT) who gave demos on Friday Claus Elmenreich (AT), Andy Böhringer (DE), Rainer Thoma (DE) and Jörg Prantl (AT) represented EFFA on all the three days. Many different fly casting and fly tying demos made it once again a good advertising for the organisation which finally also led to some new members. Thanks to all the participants for their voluntary work at the show.