Warner Veldhuis and Wim Strik new instructors for EFFA

On Sunday the 2nd of June an EFFA flycasting instructor exam was held at Troutfishery The Eemhof in Zeewolde, in the center of The Netherlands. Eight people participated in the exam, two of them passed it with success.

Text and pictures Rudy van Duijnhoven

01. After preparing the casting area, Bas de Bruin gave some additional information regarding the exam.

02. This was the last exam in The Netherlands according to the old rules of the EFFA, from the 1st of July new rules come into play.

03. The exam consist of a practical and a theoretical part.

04. For the practical section you have to perform a number of casts, next to that you need to show that you are able to teach fly-casting.

05. A cast of 20 meters without the use of the line-hand, double hauling to a distance of 27 meters, holing 20 meters of line in the air and a backhand cast of 21 meters are some of the casts that you will have to perform.

06. The Master Flycasting Instructors of EFFA that looked after the examinations were Bas de Bruin, Richard Verbeek, Hans Weilenmann and Rudy van Duijnhoven.

07. A total of seven men and one woman participated in the exam.

08. Unfortunately one two of them remained after the practical tests.

09. The one meter large rings in which you must be able to put your fly.

10. The rings are positioned at different distances, you get three chances wih each ring to put the fly in there.

11. The water-casts (roll cast, switch cast, picking up the line) were done on the lake.

12. The wind kept turning all the time, which made performing these casts difficult.

13. Warner Veldhuis puts his switch cast across 18 meters as requested.

14. After the theoretical part was passed with good results as well, EFFA could welcome two new Basic Flycasting Instructors. Warner Veldhuis was the first person to receive the certificate and badge.

15. Wim Strik was the second person who passed the exam with good results.

16. The whole group together with Jan Vuijsters of The Eemhof.

17. Two smiling faces…