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Muzaka tying instruction

Tying thread: 6/0, orange
Hook: Nymphhook, curved, #10 – 16
Head: Brass bead, copper
Tail: Mylar flat tinsel, silver
Body: Body Glass, transparent
Thorax: UVSoftdubmix: 50%hare fur, natural + 25%UV-Ice Dubbing, light olive
+ 25% Arctic Foxtail, black
1. Slide the bead on, and wrap a basic winding up to the hook bend. The basic winding should go as far into the hook bend as shown in the picture. 2. Fold a piece of tinsel 3x and tie it in as a tail. Tie down over the entire hook length to get an even underbody. Let the tying thread stay as shown in the picture. 3. Look at the profile of the Body Glass - there is a flat and a semicircular side. Extend the body glass "in length" before tying it in. It becomes softer and smoother. Tie it in with tight windings with the flat side down on the top of the hook shank . Let the tying thread stand as positioning, with a distance of 3-5mm to the bead.
4. Pick up the Body Glass with a clip and wind it up to the positioning. Secure it with a couple of tight wraps of the tying thread. 5. Cut off the Body Glass and tie it off tightly. Form a dubbing loop and bring the thread to the bead. Apply a drop of varnish and allow to dry. 6. Wax the dubbing loop a little and put the softdub into it. Twist the loop with the dubbing twister - a dubbing strand is created.
7. Dub the thorax area up to the bead with tight wraps. Secure the dubbing strand, cut it off and tie it off tightly. 8. Finish the nymph with 3 double half hitches and cut off the thread. Trim the tail and apply a little varnish at the terminating point. Note: Since the body material is transparent, the color of the binding thread determines the body color.
Viel Spass beim Binden und Fischen, Michael.
Copyright by Michael Salzer.
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