The 2021 elections have been completed and closed.
The elections for the country heads took place at the beginning of March.

Confirmed were:

Flury Marco CH
Illien Fredy CH
Valerio Santagostino I
Giacomo Catellani I
Dominik Borrmann D
Reinis Rutkis L
Richard Verbeck NL
Markus Kaaser A
Dimitri Borovkov EST
Ivan Dragoilovic S

Newly elected:

Frank Fuchs D

Congratulations to all.


The elections Board / Auditors took place from 21 - 31 March.

Confirmed were:

Fredy Geedink NL, Members Secretary
Daniele Di Fronzo CH, President

Thank fort he trust

Newly elected:

Christian Zimmermann D, Secretary
Massimo Matteuzzi I, Vice President
Christian Gubler CH, Treasurer

Auditors new elected:

Sascha Bachmann
Michael Erni 

Congratulations to the newly elected.
We will start the work now and slowly start our activities as soon as Corona allows it.


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