Leading an association across borders certainly isn’t an easy task.
Each of our members countries has its own priorities in fly fishing.
Another big challenge we face are the different ideas of an association.
The difference is immense and does not simplify the task.

The EFFA was founded in the sense of separation of powers with the aim to let the departments make their own decisions in technical matters. The Board, on the other hand, is responsible for the strategy of the organization for years to come and to coordinate its external appearance.
A decision must always be seen in its entirety and be fair to all members of our community of interest.

This is not an easy task. We have a lot of respect for those, who have helped with it for so many years.

Claus Elmenreich and Peter Henggeler have supported the association over several terms of office.

I don't even want to list what both of them have contributed to keep our ship on course: To support decisions even though they might have seen things differently, to lead discussions, which were unpleasant or to look for compromises with the departments.

Of course, there were also more pleasant tasks such as joint meetings, ideally with a joint fishing trip or meetings with like-minded people.

All this was done because the EFFA believes, that networking across the borders is one of the greatest profits. And both of them did it without getting paid or having personal benefits. They did it out of pure idealism and to serve the community.

Thank you Claus, thank you Peter for the commitment – coming from all members. Of course a personal thank you from Ferdy and me for the great cooperation as well.  You both deserve all the respect and will always have a great value in EFFA.

We will hold an official farewell at one of the next events as soon as Corona allows to do that.
Take advantage of the time you have won.

Ps. The results of the spring elections will be communicated in the upcoming days.


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