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Born in 1966

I came very late into fishing. In 2009 I passed the fishing exam and first started spin fishing. A year later I attended a beginner's course in fly fishing. From then on the fly virus took hold of me and I never touched a spinning rod again. Again one year later I began after a tying course for beginners with fly tying. Beside fly tying I am now also engaged in photography.

For me, the most beautiful way of fly fishing is presenting a self-tied dry fly with line class 2 or 3. Nevertheless, the nymph is used most often, because it is the most successful. In the meantime I also like to use small streamers on the skagit shooting head on a 3-weight rod. I am lucky to be able to fish on such beautiful waters as the Ammer, Isar, Loisach and Partnach.

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