Pescare 2007 in Vincenza

The Pescare 2007 in Vincenza (I) was a great show with an enormous amount of visitors. EFFA was also present there with a stand and the two Master instructors Valerio Santagostino and Günter Feuerstein made sure that important messages were spread among the fly fishers in Italy:
EFFA will soon open its doors for all fly fishers not only for fly casting instructors and in the future all fields of fly fishing will be covered. The fist step was easily visible when the visitors were lining up for subscribing for the River Folla Alert. The fly fishers were happy to see that a Eurpean fly fishing organisation now takes care about the environment on an international basis. 
There were also two candidates trying to pass the EFFA instructor exam. At the end one of them, the Italian Michele Malagugini was happy to receive the EFFA certificate and patch. Flycasting demonstrations for single hand and double handed rods performed by Günter Feuerstein and translated by EFFA instructor Angelo Piller completed EFFAs representation at the show. It was a really great event and EFFA thanks all the visitors for the good communication.

Pescare 07   Pescare 2007   Pescare 2007
subscribing for the River Folla alert   discussions about different fly casting techniques   G. Feuerstein and V. Santagostino in the EFFA booth