Please read carefully all the information about the tests before completing the application.
So misunderstandings will be avoided.

The course cost is total EUR 700.- / CHF 750.-.
This includes the examination fee of EUR 100.- 
and the course fees.

If there are any questions, please contact info(at)

Exam location is Tössegg (CH)


All fields which are marked with a star (*) ,
are mandatory fields and have to be filled in!!

Please note that the date of birth must be entered in the format DD.MM.YYYY. Otherwise the registration form can not be sent.

Please note:

- The EFFA reserves the right to cancel exams or change the exam
  location without giving reasons.
- Should an exam for some reasons not take place,
  the registered participants will be informed in time and the participation fee
  will be completely refunded.
- The organizer accepts no liability for personal injury or damage
  as part of the event. Insurance is the responsibility of the participant.
- By registering, the participant agrees, that all pictures taken at the event,
  may be used free of charge and without restriction by the EFFA.
- The cancellation of registration with repayment of the paid participation fee
  is only possible 3 weeks prior to the event.
- The registration is only valid after payment of the participation fee.
- I agree that I can only use the EFFA instructor or guide titles as well
  as the logos and trademarks as an active EFFA member.
- I am aware that I can no longer use the logo and the instructor patch 
  as soon as the membership is cancelled, because the name EFFA is protected.
- If an instructor is not active any more the Board can refuse the
  automatic annual renewal of the certificate.

I have read the above regulations and agree*